Comprehensive Cloud

Enable your enterprise with Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud Infrastucture. Leverage AWS, VMware, or OpenStack technologies to increase the agility of your IT Infrastructure.

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Cloud Transformation

Accelerate your adoption of public cloud services with Foghorn Consulting Enterprise Cloud Consulting Services: Strategy, Planning, Implementation, Migration, and ongoing Managed Services.

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Data Center Migration

Migrated ERP technology stack from International datacenter to the US with zero unplanned downtime. Get similar results on your mission critical IT initiative with Foghorn Consulting.

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Get AWS CloudTrail Today!

Foghorn Web Services is proud to announce full integration with AWS CloudTrail. Browse, search and sort on all CloudTrail activities. Sign up today!

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AWS Advanced Partner

Foghorn Consulting is proud to announce that it has acheived Advanced Consulting Parnter status in the AWS Partner Network

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The explosion of several technologies, including cloud, big data, social, and mobile, are changing the expectation of customers, and transforming the role of Enterprise IT departments from running back office transactional systems to running systems of engagement. As this change takes place, it is crucial that IT become more strategic, more innovative, and more collaborative in forward moving business ventures.


Enterprises are embarking on IT initiatives intended to leverage these new technologies in order to gain a strategic advantage. The problem is that too many complex IT projects result in a less than desired outcome. Some research has estimated that nearly half of all large team IT projects fail, resulting in a $3 trillion global problem. Foghorn Consulting believes that our industry can do better. Foghorn focuses on IT success.


We can‘t make concrete dry faster and we are not superheroes. Our successful track record stems from two simple concepts: 1) we have over twenty years of IT domain expertise; and 2) we consider success as a possible outcome and treat it as a science. As a result, we are willing to take accountability for your projects and succeed with you.

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