Cloud Migration

Get to the cloud with no drama


You have designed your cloud architecture and are ready to put your cloud strategy into production. Your current production site is highly utilized, so migrating to your new architecture seems like changing the tires on a moving car. You need to ensure data integrity and that SLA’s are met. Impact to users during and after the migration must be minimized and managed properly.

Foghorn makes it happen

Foghorn follows a proven methodology to plan for and execute your migration to the cloud. We place a heavy emphasis on planning, proof of concept and testing. When combined with an incredibly detailed and choreographed cutover and rollback process, the risk of unplanned downtime is dramatically mitigated.

  • Project Planning
  • Cutover Planning
  • Cutover Proof of Concept
  • Command Center Planning and Execution
  • Risk Mitigation

Cloud Migration Deliverables

Fallback criteria and plan
Cutover plan
Command center operational plan
Test plans and testing
Post cutover testing and remediation