SaaS Cloud Solutions


SaaS Companies need to scale quickly

SaaS Industry companies were born for cloud infrastructure. With the ability to scale quickly as new customers are acquired, cloud infrastructure is almost a requirement for a successful SaaS company to keep up with demand. If an outage occurs, a SaaS company can go from hero to zero with their customers and in the press. It is vital that their infrastucture is designed with high availability as a vital requirement.


Foghorn has helped dozens of SaaS companies to design and implement cloud infrastructure with 99.999% up time, able to withstand any component failure, and able to be managed and upgraded without downtime.

Foghorn assists SaaS companies with both the design and implementation of reliable, scalable cloud infrastructure.

Foghorn also helps automate the provisioning of new customers and the deployment of new application versions.

Foghorn can also help SaaS companies design and implement efficient operations processes and tools to optimize the ongoing cost of managing cloud infrastructure.

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