The Promise of Cloud. Delivered.

You get a team of highly trained cloudstack experts with cloud computing in their DNA providing development, engineering, automation and operational savvy. What does this mean for your business? Agility. Scalability. Kick-assability.

Fogops benefit

When implemented correctly, cloud infrastructures like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are making real and measurable differences for companies like yours. However, in order to take full advantage of these platforms, it’s best to integrate our team of engineers to do the heavy lifting for you. They’re our “special forces” who are technically certifed to drive architecture, design, CM, DevOps, Systems Administration and similar activities. After all, you are not in the cloud computing business, you’re in the making-a-profit business.

Choose your FogOps configuration

Fogops tac

With a dedicated Technical Account Consultant you get much deeper subject matter expertise and hands on capabilities than other TAM services

Fogops team

If you need full cloud site-ops capability, FogOps Team provides cloud and systems engineering support. You'll be staffed with a team of 3-5 engineers while retaining ownership of your cloud account and infrastructure.

Fogops platform

FogOps is a custom Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS) that allows any application to be fully managed by Foghorn 24x7x365 with uptime, performance and security all backed by service level objectives and agreements.

FogOps Specs

TAC Team Platform
Cloud leadership, strategy and architecture Tac icon
On-site participation, Attend stand-ups Tac icon
Dedicated subject matter expert (SME) Tac icon
Integrate with customer's internal IT team Tac icon Team icon
Pro-active project and tactical engineering Tac icon Team icon
Customer keeps the lights on, Foghorn engineers Tac icon Team icon
Increase Velocity and Agility Tac icon Team icon Platform icon
Deliver on cloud promise Tac icon Team icon Platform icon
Cloud, DevOps, compliance, security engineering Team icon Platform icon
Problem Management Team icon Platform icon
Site Reliability Engineering, Automation and DevOps Team icon Platform icon
Response time SLA's Team icon Platform icon
Availability, performance, security SLO's and SLA's Platform icon
24x7 monitoring, alerts, response remediation Platform icon
Foghorn keeps the lights on Platform icon