Monitoring in a box

We made Icinga Dynamic

Icinga® is a powerful, massively adopted open source monitoring tool. But it was designed long before cloud infrastructure. Configuration assumes that your infrastructure is static. This creates problems when trying to monitor dynamic, auto scaling environments. Foghorn has made Icinga configuration completely tag driven, allowing you to leverage the power of Icinga in cloud environments.

Tag Driven

Simply add tags to your instances, and they will be monitored in minutes.

Icinga Technology®

Get all of the benefits of Icinga®, including community plugins, without the pain of static configuration files.

Integrate with Slack®

Call to learn how to easily integrate your alerts with Slack®, creating a true "Chat Ops" toolset.

Dynamic Workloads

Automate the tagging of your servers via auto scaling groups and get auto updating monitoring of dynamic workloads.