A Simplified Experience

Foghorn is proud to partner with Amazon Web Services to help enable our customers with public cloud agility. In order to take the guesswork out of AWS cloud adoption, we have added preconfigured and prepriced VPC options to our set of cloud services called VPC-In-A-Box. Our solution offers customers a simplified experience when finding and implementing workload specific solutions in the cloud. Creating pre-configured solutions for the most frequently used workloads makes it easier to quickly implement and manage VPC solutions and help ease your transition to cloud infrastructure. These pre-configured workload solutions take the burden off you to decide what you need while providing a ready-to-deploy solution that has been built and tested with other organizations with similar workload needs.

Custom to Your Business

As part of our VPC-In-A-Box offer you will receive a two hour consultation with one of our experienced AWS solution architects to discuss your environment and figure out the right plan and best VPC configuration for your specific environment.

Low Risk

We can configure a custom VPC in a matter of days versus months without a large commitment. You can see if AWS is right for you. If moving the workload makes sense. If the pricing makes sense. All for a low investment.

Flexible Packages

Our pricing model is based upon the complexity of your environment and comes in three different plans. From small workloads of a standard 2 or 3 tier application to enterprise needs such as disaster recovery and security compliance, we have a plan for you.


Your custom VPC configuration will be delivered in a reusable module of json code which includes our proprietary methodology covering best practices built from hundreds of engagements. The code is version-able and can be used repeatedly to spin up high performing VPC quickly and easily in the future.

VPC Packages


    Perfect For:
  • Getting a simple workload into AWS without a large financial commitment.
  • Corporate web site
  • Intranet site
  • Proof of concept


    Perfect For:
  • For companies who have committed to the cloud, and want to ensure that their site will be secure and manageable at scale.
  • Web Application
  • SaaS Offering


    Perfect For:
  • Great for custom requirements to integrate with an existing complex environment.
  • Multiple functional groups
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Compliance


Express Production Enterprise
IAM Groups and Permissions
Multiple Availability Zones
Environment separation by Security Group
Shared Services
Remote Access via Open VPN
Hardware based IPSec Tunnel
White Listed Internet Access
Custom full mesh private connectivity
Application Security
IAM Instance Profiles
Standard 3 Tier Layered Security
Custom Tiered Security
Custom Multi Workload Tiered Security
WAF Configuration
ELB Creation
RDS Creation
S3 Bucket Creation
Custom S3 Bucket Policies
Server Creation(Base AMI)
Custom AMI Creation
Automated AMI Bakery
CloudFront Distribution (Basic)
CloudFront Distrubtion (Custom)
Continuous Deployment Pipeline
ChatOps Integration